Thrift Shop

Fisherman's House Thrift Shop
The Fisherman's House Thrift Shop is an integral part of the South Yarmouth Methodist Church. It has existed in its current state since 1989. 


Wednesdays & Saturdays from 10 to 2

The Furniture Barn
Wednesdays & Saturdays from 10 to 2
Special Dates
Summer Fair
Christmas Shop
July 4
July 21, 9 to 2
November 17 - December 12
November 21 & 22
December 20 to January 15
It seeks to involve as many members and friends as possible in a working Church group. We currently have about 35 Church volunteers who work the counter, price, sort, and pick up donations.  We are open two days a week (100+ days a year), 6 hours a day, (more than 600 hours a year), plus the Christmas Shop and the summer fair.  Our volunteers are committed and would like to encourage more of our members to be a part of this working group.
We hope that the Thrift Shop provides a meaningful entry point to integrate newcomers into the fellowship of the Church. Our volunteers have the opportunity to have fun while we get to know each other personally. It is a good place to meet new friends and provide Christian Love as we represent our Church in the community. 

The Thrift shop strives to support community groups and to provide needed assistance in the mission projects and outreach of the Church. We support outreach needs of furniture and appliances when available. We have fabric to go to conference for Nicaragua; items go to organizations that serve special needs; and extra clothing for the Red Cross, Goodwill, and others.  
Proceeds from the Thrift Shop go to provide monetary aid to help in the financing of the general mission of the Church.
There is a new blog posted online called the "Savvy Thrifter" and this writer reviewed our Fisherman's House Thrift Shop. We received a positive review, and the writer found our volunteers helpful and our merchandise of high quality... and said our shop was one of her Top 5 Favorites! Come see for yourself why we are a community favorite, and while you're here you can read the review for yourself on the wall of our Thrift Shop!
Our volunteers do represent the spirit of our Church when they interact with customers. Lets remember all you "great helpers" that you never know when one of our customers might be buying as well as reviewing us as they walk thru our doors.  A sincere thanks to all our volunteers for their commitment to this outreach program of our Church.
The Fisherman's House Thrift Shop needs your help in order to thrive! We are always in need of good, saleable items to fill up our shelves. We always get clothing donations, but we desperately need those items around your house that you donate really like but keep gathering dust anyway, €”donate it to our Thrift Shop, we can sell it! Donations are accepted at the shop most Wednesdays and Saturdays during store hours.  For questions, or to request a pick-up, contact the church office at 508.398.9482.