Careabouts is a group of women whose purpose is to help people wherever we can. One of our most important functions is to provide a collation following a funeral service, when requested. There is no charge to church members, although most people donate to cover our costs and augment our treasury. 
At our meetings, we collect $2 from each member. One dollar goes to the treasury. The other dollar goes towards the $28 we send monthly to the Christian Children’s Fund to help support our foster child in Ethiopia. 
We take care of coffee hour during one month of the year.  We help at the summer fair by selling baked goods, and we support the UMW, of which we’re a part, by making items to sell at the UMW Fall Fair. 
Every year, we donate to the church and, when there are disasters, to the United Methodist Committee on Relief. Some of the other projects we support are the backpack project, our church youth group'€™s Christmas gifts to needy children, Dress-a-Live Doll, €œcamperships€ for Camp Aldersgate, and the Medicine Box project. 
Our Sunshine committee sends cards each month to members who need to be remembered. We are always happy to welcome new members to our group.